Thursday, June 04, 2009

I Will Vote

In theory, I do not believe that diasporas should have the right to vote in the elections of their homeland, but as long as Iranian laws allow for non-residents to vote, I think I would be remiss not to vote, especially in such an important election as the upcoming one on June 12.

Although the site is still under construction, this page provides information on voting locations in the United States. Canada only allows voting in Ottowa (based on some lame security argument), so Iranians from all over Canada can only vote in one location. This is really too bad, since thousands of Iranians in Canada will be unable to trek across that gigantic country just to cast their vote in the capital. I don't have information for voters in other countries, but the best bet is to refer to the local Iranian embassy.

Iranian presidential elections have been very exciting since the late 90s, but this one seems to be breaking a record, and I predict a very high turn out both in Iran and abroad. The rallies, events, and active street campaigns (and street fights) have made it evident that those in Iran are fully geared to participate in the elections; the video below of diasporic Iranians indicates that the election fever has spread far beyond Iran's borders.

If you can vote, please do.

(Thanks to my cousin and my friend Sima for the above links)