Sunday, January 18, 2009

Pictures from Pre-Inauguration Concert in DC

Approaching the site of the concert, the Washington memorial can be seen on the left, and Stevie Wonder is on the screen:

A view of some of the port-a-potties (something like five thousand total) that are supposed to serve the couple of million people who are going to be on the mall on Tuesday:

The FBI and other security forces:

A view of the lincoln monument. U2 was playing and I think you can catch a glimpse of them on the screen:

This is another view of the lincoln monument during Obama's speech (you can see him on the screen):

These were among the many kitschy items for sale today:

This guy was my favorite person of the day. What I really wanted a picture of was his full length fur coat, but that was covered by what you can see is a very large portrait. He said he was here all the way from Minneapolis.