Sunday, December 14, 2008

Journalists Who Throw Shoes, and Those Who Kiss Them

As soon as I heard the news about the shoe throwing incident in Baghdad, I sent the link to everyone I saw online, including Roozbeh Mirebrahimi, who immediately wrote a blog asking whether it was "becoming of a journalist" to do such a thing. I asked myself a similar question a couple of days ago when I read that Iranian journalist and blogger, Arash Sigarchi, had accepted an invitation to meet George Bush because according to Sigarchi, it would not be "right" if he did not accept. In fact, not only did Mr. Sigarchi attend the event, he repeated to Bush the kinds of accusations that that US administration routinely uses to threaten Iran with war and more sanctions.

Now Montazer Al-Zeidy, on the other hand, also had access to a meeting with Bush, and he too, decided to attend, and the rest is history. In fact, one of the best moments in history, ever.

And so I wonder, what is more befitting for a journalist: the one who throws shoes at the man who destroys his country, or the one who kisses those shoes?