Thursday, October 16, 2008

Looking Presidential

Compared to the last two--which had vacillated between completely boring and infuriating me--the final "debate" between Obama and McCain was actually kind of interesting.

The best moment of the night, however, was when McCain, true to form, wandered about stage as though he didn't know where he is going:

And here I was worried that with the imminent departure of Bush, we would be deprived of such great photos, like this one capturing a moment of love between President Bush and Prime Minister Berlusconi:

Oh, and here is a blast from the past, former president Khatami, aloof as someone kisses his hand:

I wonder how the supporters of Khatami and other so-called "reformists" feel when they see how Ahmadinejad treats his supporters? I bet they get really really mad when they see pictures likes this:

Photo credits:

-McCain looking presidential is Reuters and can be found here)

-Heads of state lovingly touching heads is also Reuters, but I lost the original link.

-Khatami getting has hand kissed, obviously a Magnum Photo as you can tell from the stamp on the photo, link from here.

-Ahmadinejad kissing hand of a fan is a Fars News Photo and can be found here