Tuesday, September 09, 2008

A little immature humor doesn't hurt anyone, does it? Good, because I've been dying to poke fun at something for a few days, but I was restraining myself to be nice.

There is a Persian language blog that has the English title "Iranian USA." I'm not exactly sure what the author means by this, perhaps he means that he is an Iranian in the USA, or a USA that is becoming Iranian. Who can tell from this construction? But the best part is the URL of the blog which is Iranianus.blogspot.com. Now, I'm sure the guy meant it to be read as Iranian US, but my friends, it is clear to me that the URL also reads Irani Anus.

Normally, I would just feel sorry for the person who made this mistake and perhaps have a quite little laugh. But then I took a closer look at the blog and thought that there was some poetic justice at play, and perhaps we are indeed dealing here with an Irani Anus.

Look, for example, at the post where he gleefully points out a tear in Ahmadinejad's jacket, while gratuitously and awkwardly photo-shopping a photo of a monkey nearby.

On the day when Evo Morales--the first indigenous president of gas-rich Bolivia--meets with the President of oil rich Iran, I did not see on a single analysis about the symbolic or material importance of the meeting on any diaspora or opposition sites. Different zoom-ins on the tear from various angles, on the other hand, there were plenty of those.

One day, maybe the self-designated Iranian elites and intellectuals will finally stop their classist jibes at Ahmadinejad, and maybe then they will understand that the very features they deride--like Ahamdinejad's scruffy look and worn out clothes- are what endear him to his sizeable domestic and international supporters.

But it looks like these folks would like to keep their head where the sun don't shine (or name themselves after such places), and the more they stay in the dark and entertain themselves with silly jokes about Ahmadinejad, the higher the chances of another Ahmadinejad landslide in June 2009.