Friday, September 12, 2008

1. Dear US voters, if there is a presidential candidate that you actually respect and want to vote for but fear facing the wrath of annoying people who sing the praises of US democracy but attack anyone who would like to exercise that right by voting for a third party, there is a solution for you: the vote pact.

The details are on the website, but the basic idea goes something like this: two people whose votes may otherwise cancel each other out (i.e. someone voting for McCain and someone voting for Obama) pair up and vote for whatever third party candidate they really want to vote for. This would ensure that the overall balance of votes between Obama and McCain is not impacted and the third party candidates get the votes that more accurately reflect the support they really have. Of course, this means that people from opposite sides of the political spectrum have a conversation together (yikes!), and trust each other enough to keep their side of the pact.

2. How come Toomas Hendrik Ilves, the current president of Estonia, speaks English with an American accent? Anyone know if his Estonian sounds as native of his English?

Fun facts about Mr. Ilves: not only was he himself a journalist with US State media Radio Free Europe, but his brother headed that radio's Prague based Afghanistan Bureau (the brother currently heads the Persian and Pashto world services of the BBC).

3. Is it a coincidence that more than thirty five years after his release, new video showing footage of McCain's release from Vietnamese POW camps is emerging less than 60 days before the US election? Perhaps, but I somehow doubt it. McCain sure was handsome back then, and I bet he would get a lot more votes if he still looked even remotely like the man seen in this video.