Tuesday, August 26, 2008

1. Garfield is not at all funny, but Garfield Minus Garfield, now that is pretty hilarious. See yesterday's strip, for example, I just can't stop laughing! (A big thanks to Mana and Seth for introducing me to strip, the newest weapon in my procrastination arsenal)

2. US and Euro press love to cover stories about Iran's "modesty squads" and whatever admittedly annoying activities they take on. But who knew that Israel has some pretty robust "modesty squads" of its own? How many of you heard about the 7 Israeli men who broke into the apartment of a woman and violently assaulted her because they thought she had carried on an "improper" relationship with some guy? If the perpetrators in this case were Iranian or some vigilante group in Iraq or Palestine or some other Muslim-identified group, we would have been bombarded with news stories and emails on listservs. Seriously, if this was a case in Iran or Palestine, some nerdy guy in Canada would have posted it to Balatarin at least a dozen times, and then he would have come back with a dozen of his other usernames to leave snarky comments about how backwards muslims are, how they just need to learn to practice democracy, etc. etc.

3. Michael Ledeen is so bad that even the notorious neo-con nest known as the American Enterprise Institute has rid themselves of him. Ledeen, you may remember, claimed in January 2007, that Iran's Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khamenei had died and continued to hold on to the position for days thereafter, even in the face of various new evidence proving the contrary (he claimed it was all state propaganda or something)! Ledeen has now moved to the Foundation for the Defense of Democracy, apparently a clear demotion, but I think we should now keep a more alert eye on this Foundation and what they are up to.