Sunday, April 06, 2008


1. A well-placed person in DC said the other day that Reza Pahlavi, the pretender to the Pahlavi throne, lives off the billions of dollars of Iran's assets that the US "froze" in 1979 as result of the hostage crisis. This person, I should add, was not Iranian and not at all critical of the fact that Reza P has been siphoning off from what rightfully belongs to the Iranian people. In fact, he was supportive since it is a loophole that lets the US government to pay for RP without actually paying for RP. It is this money from Iran's assets that allows RP, for example, to pay some 60,000 dollars to publish a letter in theWashington Post, make no mention of the fact that his letter is a paid ad, and basically pass it off as an op-ed piece. Just look at Pahlavi's post on his official website, if you don't want to take my word for it. Many people, including myself, thought that the Washington Post had published his letter, but the fact that it was a paid ad explains why a search of the regular features of the newspaper comes out blank.

Now here are my questions: Has anyone else heard this, that the surviving Pahlavis in the US are living off Iran's national wealth? I am not talking about what they brought with them from Iran or money they had stashed outside of Iran before the revolution. I am talking about the frozen assets specifically. This sounds like a great project for an investigative journalist in the US (do they still exist?) to follow, or at least to provide Iranian nationals with some hints about how one might begin to check out this story.

2. Charlton Heston died today. Did they have to pry a gun from his "cold, dead hands"?

3. Any recommendations for a good software (freeware, I don't want to pay for it) for tracking bibliographies and generating footnotes and endnotes?