Friday, December 28, 2007

For $22 K in Doha

The item below is copied and pasted from an ad in the employment section of Craig's List. I've cut out the contact info of the recruiter, and with the exception of a few spots that I have put in bold for your attention, I'm leaving it here without further input from me. I think the ad speaks volumes on its own:

Allworld Language Consultants is currently seeking a qualified Farsi, Arabic and Urdu linguists to fill a vacant position in Doha, Qatar. The linguists will provide extensive Farsi, Arabic and Urdu language support, both in translating written documents and providing oral interpretations where and when needed.
Specifications include:
· Term of employment: immediate employment opportunity for existing contract.
· Prerequisites: Must pass standardized language test. (*Very high language skill set in both Farsi and English).
· Citizenship cannot be or cannot have the following passports: Iran, Iraq, or Somali.
· Salary: $22K, plus provided housing or housing stipend, Qatari visa sponsorship, transportation to and from work site, life insurance, medical insurance, RT airfare to home of origin.
· Location: Doha, Qatar.
· Support of US Government Operations.
· Approximately 8 hours a day of work in comfortable office atmosphere, 5 days on- one day off.
· 21 days vacation annually.
· Position does require a one-year commitment with the option to renew.
Candidates will be required to pass a Farsi or Arabic or Urdu and English language test to qualify for the contract. ALC will set up the test to be administered.
The position is available immediately.