Monday, December 10, 2007

1. The other Batebi, Maria, is a superstar athlete who has received gold, silver, and bronze medals at a number of national and international competitions. The post is in Persian, but you can scroll through to see the pictures at least. Unfortunately, Maria's accomplishments have not been celebrated as much as they should have been because of her brother's political situation, but I hope that all of that is in the past and that she receives the recognition she deserves.

2. Who is the famous person who appears in this clip? Can you guess?

3. How come the announcement that Iran will be dropping the dollar from oil deals is hardly making any noise? After all, it was Saddam's switch from dollar to Euro that really did him in, and not his non-existent WMD or his no-existent threat to his neighbors. Instead of wrangling over the hidden meanings of the NIE or declaring victories over its findings, Iran war-watchers should pay close attention to this issue of currency precisely because it is being downplayed.