Sunday, November 04, 2007

1. Even after the on-going disasters of Iraq and Afghanistan, Americans--and I mean Americans, not just their government--can't seem to get enough of war: According to a recent Zogby poll, the majority of likely voters support a military strike on Iran.

2. "I never lost a night's sleep over it." Paul Warfield (what an appropriate middle name) Tibbets Jr, the unrepentant U.S. pilot who dropped the nuclear bomb that immediately killed at least 100,000 Japanese civilians, died last week. Tibbets may have been proud of mass murdering innocent civilians, but there is a sort of poetic justice about his case after all. Afraid that his death would give demonstrators a site to protest his disgusting legacy, Tibbets did not want a funeral or a headstone.

3. After the fallout from the story of the kidnappers from the French NGO (covered in my last post), the following caricature seems all the more appropriate. The hand that is reaching towards the continent of Africa says "Humanitarian Efforts." The original cartoon appeared here.