Sunday, August 26, 2007

1. “If you ask our opinion, do we think it's the right moment to be making investments in the Iranian oil and gas sector, no we don't,” sniffed a State Department spokesman.

Clearly, neither Iran nor Turkey asked the opinion of the US State Department because it is none of their business. What more is there to say about the naked arrogance behind declarations like this?

2. Iran and Turkey seem to be agreeing on much more than oil and gas these days, and I had suspected as much given the recent developments in Iraqi Kurdistan. Yesterday, Turkey's Prime Minister confirmed this openly: "Gül lends support to Iran’s anti-PEJAK operation in Iraq."

3. Nearly all religious music that tries to go mainstream is extremely corny, and this new Sami Yusuf song called "mother" is a marriage of cheese and corn. Anyway, what struck me is that he has no accent when he sings in Persian, and a quick google search showed that he is Iranian born. He doesn't seem to push his iranian-ness much, nor do Iranians--either in Iran or in diaspora--seem too eager to claim him. I'm sort of curious about why that might be, but not curious enough to speculate on it at the moment.