Wednesday, March 14, 2007

PMS in the knees and Dead Beets

Whenever I am working too hard or under a lot of pressure, random things impact me in inordinate ways. I find things way more funny, sad, horrifying, etc. than they would otherwise be on days when I am feeling more level-headed. For example, someone sent the image below in one of these informational emails that get passed around on listservs. The idea is to give a visual representation of your body's possible problems and list the ways you can treat them with your food. I crack up every time I look at it:

Why is this so funny? Because all of the ailments are matched with their appropriate body parts, except for PMS, which is pointing to the back of the person's knee! When was the last time you heard someone complaining about PMS symptoms in their knee? But in case you do get those darn PMS knee problems, this diagram suggests that you eat corn flakes.

Here is another image that caught my eye:

I am the least forgetful person I know, in fact, I suffer from too much memory. But somehow I got caught up in doing something the other day and burnt these beats. There was something so lonely and sad about them, with that little one clinging to the big beat, I had to take a picture on the spot.

I have lots of other projects and deadlines to meet in the weeks ahead, so you might be seeing more of these wacko posts for a while yet.