Saturday, March 10, 2007

1. The Iranian nationalist freaks are at it again. This time all the hoo-ha is over the depiction of ancient Persians in a film that is based on a comic book! The stupidity of focusing on this issue at this political moment when so much else is going on should be obvious, but thanks to Nima for taking the time to actually lay it all out.

If these people are so concerned about negative and inaccurate depictions about Iranians, why dont they put together a systematic effort to deal with the relentless barrage of misinformation on Iran and Iranians that passes as news and anlaysis in the western press?

Even the British (the British for god's sake, who have historically been behind like 7 out of 10 anti-Iran conspiracies) have launched a watchdog group to monitor media bias against Iran. This group states that "by monitioring and challenging unbalanced reporting, the Committee hope to ensure that the media are not used to spin this nation into supporting or participating another illigitimate and unjustified military action."

Thank you very much to the Westminster Committee on Iran’s Media Monitoring Group, at least someone has their priorities straight when it comes to challenging mass media depictions of Iranians.

2. Speaking of nationalists with screwed up priorities, by and large reactions by Iranian male commentators on the recent arrests of women activists in Tehran has been stunning, and I don't mean in a good way.

From what I have seen, a number of vocal men whose writings often appear on blogs and online newsletters have taken it upon themselves to cast top-down judgements on the Iranian women's movement and advise them on how they should have pursued their aims. These dudes, who come fom a range of backgrounds and who are in fact the ideological enemies of one another, nonetheless seem to agree on one thing: that the women activists in Iran are not smart or mature enough to articulate their goals and strategies on their own!

The ignorance and arrogance behind these fatwas merit careful consideration and a forceful response, and I am certain that many will be put together in the coming weeks.