Monday, January 01, 2007

Learn to Breathe Anderson Cooper

To make sure that 2007 sees as many of my angry letters to the press as did the previous year, I just sent the following note to the CNN show Anderson Cooper 360:

In the piece on the life of Saddam Hussein, Mr. Cooper made reference to the "waves of young men and boys" killed in the Iraq -Iran war. For those of us in the know, the remark was clearly a reference to the tragic iranian tactic of sending waves of unarmed soldiers to face the heavily armed (thanks to U.S. and the rest of the world) Iraqi army. Why did Mr. Cooper fail to mention that these unarmed men and boys were Iranian? Is CNN that afraid of arousing the slightest bit of empathy for anything Iranian?

I also suggest that CNN hire a public speaking coach for Mr. Cooper so he does not have to take a big noisy gulp of air every three words.

If you think I sound like I believe that there are organized, systematic campaigns to malign Iran and Iranians in order to make the way for another lunatic intervention in a sovereign country, well, I would say that you are right.

Happy 2007!