Monday, January 08, 2007

Does this Man Look Dead to You?

I have a pop quiz for neo-cons. I know it might be tough for them, but let's give it a try.

Quiz Directions: Below is an Reuters photograph dated Monday, Jan 8th, 2007. Look carefully at the person pictured and answer the following question with a "yes" or "no": Does this man look dead to you?

As of right now, Michael Ledeen, whose typically misinformed informers led him to originate this rumour, is still in denial:

"It is now 9:30 on the East Coast, which I think is 5 PM in Iran. So far as I know, Khamenei has not made any public appearance today, not even a tv broadcast. The regime has made various contradictory announcements, and released a photograph that could have been taken anywhere at any time."

So Iran's Supreme Leader has a full day of meeting with some people from Qom and giving a speech in Tehran covered by world press such as AFP and Reuters, and Mr. Ledeen still refuses to admit his minor error. Oh well, what can you expect from a man who stil insists that WMD were found in Iraq!

But let us at least remember Ledeen's seemingly never ending string of lies because this man bizarrly continues to have access to the halls of power, so unlike harmless lunatics the world over, Michael Ledeen is a dangerous man. We shouldn't let him keep getting away with spreading falsehoods and scheming disasters.