Monday, January 22, 2007

Fakhravar's Advocacy for War on Iran

In recent days, as Mr. Bush's camp have heightened their pro-war rhetoric and activities, there has been increasing alarm among Iranian activists, journalists, and/or intellectuals that Mr. Bush is seriously preparing for an all-out bombing of Iran. Former State official Wayne White, who has seen the planning, claims that this will be a devastating and broad based attack; "You're not talking about a surgical strike", he emphasized.

Even activists inside Iran, who until recently focused more on internal issues and were largely dismissive of the possibility of an attack on Iran, are showing alarm over Bush's war rhetoric and plans and are shifting their work to demonstrating their opposition to war.

Despite the concern and fear of an attack among Iranians from a range of political and geographical locations, at least one man seems beyond himself with joy. Amir Abbas Fakhravar, who for a while was contradicting his numerous pro-war claims, shows his true colors in this interview published just two days ago.

Consider some of the claims made in this article:

1. Fakhravar asserts that if Iran is bombed, the leadership will flee, and "the people" will protest in the streets and blame the Iranian government, and the regime will fall

Translation:the Iranian people are so stupid that it wont occur to them to be angry at the people bombing them; they will just turn their anger to the nearest target: "the regime".

2. "Fakhr-Avar, one of Iran’s student leaders, heads an organization numbering 12,000 students"

Translation: Iranian students are so stupid that exactly 12,000 picked this half-wit as their leader.

3. "People in Iran react the opposite of what the regime says. If the regime says it’s day, they’ll close their eyes and say it’s night."

Translation: The Iranian people are so stupid that they can't think for themselves. They are just a bunch of reactionaries who just believe the opposite of what "the regime" tells them, even if what they believe contradicts what is right before their eyes.

4. "Israel should have taken over Lebanon"

Translation: none needed.

5. "There is a big difference between Shiite and Sunni mullahs. Foreigners may not know this. Many of the Sunni mullahs would pick up arms and fight, but the Shiite mullahs are not like that. Their hands, if you touch them, are softer than any woman’s hand"

Translation: People are so stupid that they will take the word of this self-appointed leader and forget that the biggest challenges faced by the U.S.-Israeli project in the middle east comes from two Shia mullahs: Muqtada As-Sadr and Hassan Nasrallah.

In fairness to Amir Abbas, however, he may be able to enlighten us about some other characteristics of Shia clerics.

Pray tell, Amir Abbas, how did you learn of the softness of their hands?