Thursday, January 25, 2007

1. "Hello Mr. Chips". Wow, the U.S. press is getting really desperate for any "positive" news from Iraq.

2. Imagine you are driving down your street with your family, minding your business, when an impatient humvee repeatedly honks at you and literally rams into the back of your car, pushes you aside, and then goes on to do the same with impunity to every other car that he approaches.

Now imagine that the humvee and the people that are driving it are part of an occupation army that launched a "pre-emptive" war against you, leaving your country in tatters.

This video captures what I have described from the point of view of the Humvee. But I am sure you can put yourself in the place of the many ordinary people who are trying to go about their lives but are being physically knocked about by the occupation army. Note that what is being shown is not some exceptionally horrid action on the part of the U.S. military: this is daily, routine, non-combat work, and it is clear that what they are doing is sanctioned, protocal behavior.

Way to win hearts and minds fellas!

3. Finally, if you still believe that oil had nothing to do with the invasion of Iraq, you may want to have a look at the Iraq Hydrocarbon Law. The draft law currently under consideration proposes a certain kind of contracts for Iraq's oil known as PSAs (Production Sharing Agreements)which would give western companies mind-blowing profits while denying Iraqis the right to make major decisions about their natural resources. For a fairly thorough and informative look at the implications of the exploitative contracts that Iraqis are being pressured to sign onto, have a look at this article in The Independent. For more in-depth articles on the topic, go here.