Wednesday, January 10, 2007

1. Sometime last year, we came home to find that someone whose name we didnt recognize had sent us a high quality meat cleaver in the mail. Because I am prone to ocassional paranoia, my immediate thought was that one of the lunatics that are always trying to silence us was sending us a not-so-very veiled threat.

But the truth turned out to be much more benign, some online vendor had accidentally sent us the knife instead of the battery recharger that we had ordered. The woman felt so bad about the mix-up she let us keep the meat cleaver.

And it came in handy tonight, because I decided to try making some spicy chicken wings. The recipe said to cut the tips of the wings, and I didnt know what that meant until I unpacked the chicken: the wings have nails! I winced every time I had to chop off one of the nails, it was so graphic.

Luckily the wings turned out delicious, so both the disgust of chopping off the wing-nails and the initial terror of randomly receiving a huge knife in the mail were well worth it.

2. Campus Ladies is one of my favorite new shows on T.V. and much of it has to do with Amir Talai, who lays on the fake Iranian accent real thick when he is playing Abdul and is overall just hilarious. Check it out if you get the otherwise usually crappy Oh/Oxygen channel.

3. Meet Fatemeh Houshmand, at 25, she is the youngest person to be elected to the Shiraz City Council. Known historically for the quality of its wine, roses, and poetry, Shiraz is one of Iran's major cities. I wish Ms. Houshmand the best of luck.