Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Good news for me, my irritability earlier on has now passed. Low blood sugar is a nasty thing! The bad news is, I will probably be delivering more of my routine rants shortly.

But just to prove how sensitive my system is to food, I present to you the picture below. This is me at the new trendy mall called Tandees which is in the Tajrish district of Tehran. I hadn't even taken a bite of my ice-cream, and yet somehow I managed to get a sugar rush. Look:

Speaking of food, I screwed up my last batch of yogurt. I think I was impatient and added the culture when the milk hadn't cooled down enough. The result has been a somewhat watery and not-sour yogurt, which i know technically is supposed to mean that the yogurt is "good".

But we like sour yogurt, so I am trying to drain some of it to make mast-e Chekide or Lebane as the Arabs call it. The results are good, but it got me to thinking about the yogurt water that is discarded, and whether it has any uses? I mean can it be used in cooking or in making some other dairy product?

Maybe I'll research it a bit later on. For now, I should stop procrastinating and get back to work so that I actually have something to present to my supervisor sometime at the end of this week.