Saturday, December 02, 2006

The Asian games opened in Doha yesterday, and apparently the opening ceremonies were pretty impressive. I was in Iran at the same time that the torch was being passed through, and by coincidence I crossed the path of the torch carrying athletes twice.

The first time I saw them at the Tochal Mountain hiking area. The problem is that I am not tall enough to snap photos above people's heads, and so all of my pictures, like the one below, ended up cutting off the actual torch:

I did get to speak to some of the athletes, and the women below kindly agreed to let me photograph them. The woman on the left is a target shooter (with rifles!)and i was so taken with her sport that i forgot to ask the rest of them what their fields were.

I probably would have gotten better and more photos, but I wasted a lot of time early on getting into a big argument with a police officer at the entrance, and later playing with this kitten:

For obvious reasons, I didn't ask the policeman I was fighting with for his picture, but the photo below shows the view from behind where I was standing when the argument took place: