Sunday, December 17, 2006

1. oh my god this is the coolest (nerdy) thing ever: The Iranian Ministry of Education has made almost all Iranian school books available online. You can download them here . Practically all texts from elementary to high school are posted on the site, so beginners in Persian can use the primary school books to practice their skills and drop outs can use them to pass the Iranian G.E.D. (if one existed).

2. I arrived to this event a little late because a metro "incident" resulted in me being stuck underground between stations for a good twenty minutes. So I was already somewhat scattered by the time I got there and no sooner had I collected myself a little bit when who should pass before my eyes but one Mr. Ahura Pirouz Marz Afaridegar F. Khaleghi Yazdi.

Unfortunately, Mr. Ahura Pirouz Marz Afaridegar F. Khaleghi Yazdi wasn't just there to quietly listen, he managed to grab the mic during the question and answer session. And that is when he started rambling that his "movement is 2500 years old, it goes back to Cyrus the Great", "Iranians are not Arabs they are Persian, Iran is not a Muslim country", "the people who rule Iran now are not Iranians" and "why doesnt the U.S. help the Persian-Iranians" (and of course, he was pronouncing Persian like Pair-Zheee-an; I swear he said Pair-zheee-an like twenty times)

The whole thing was so embarrassing, both the audience and panelists were unsuccessfully stifling their laughter. I mean you know you are a damn fool if even the normally stiff D.C. suits can't help but have a laugh out loud at your expense.

3. Time Magazine's choice of "you" as person of the year is boring and super-cheesy, but their collection of "People who Mattered in 2006" is kind of interesting. And if you are one of those people who either love-to-hate or hate-to-love Ahmadinejhad, you may want to check out their photo essay on him.