Saturday, December 09, 2006

1. Pari Syma Mayel-Afshar, who may be known to many readers of her articles in Payvand as Syma Sayyah, is running for a seat on the Tehran city council. For those who are eligible to vote in this election or are just interested in reading about the motivations and platform of this independent candidate, her statement is available in english here.

2. Nazli just wrote about Fakhravar's appearance on VOA last night, and even though I left her a comment saying that maybe it is a good idea to stop giving this guy all the attention he seeks, I changed my mind once I had a chance to see the interview.

The topic of the VOA program was the recent student demonstrations in Tehran on the anniversary of 16 Azar, a date which in the Iranian calendar marks a founding moment in the Iranian student movement.

On that date in 1953, three students were murdered by the security forces of the Shah. The Shah had been returned to power courtesy of a CIA administered coup, and the students were protesting the presence of Nixon in Iran so soon after the overthrow of the democratically elected regime.

Mr. Fakhravar not only disputed the fact that the students were protesting Nixon, but he went so far as to say that the 1953 coup d'etat was "an historical necessity".

Who other than a handful of obstinate cold-warriors still hang on to this language and the fantasy that it feeds?

Fakhravar's handlers need to do a better job in coaching him. He may have fooled some people into thinking that he in any way has a constituency in Iran that supports him, but going around saying things that justify the 1953 coup will try the patience of a whole lot of people, including those that were gullible enough to have faith in him in the first place.