Monday, November 27, 2006

1. Jahanshah has kindly posted some of the "Signs" I saw when I was in Iran, you can have a look at them here if you are interested.

2. Today a U.S. F-16 went down in Iraq and an Iranian military plane crashed in Tehran. The former was clearly shot down, but I have already heard some rumblings of foul play involved in the case of the latter as well. Two out of the thirty nine people on board the Iranian air craft survived the crash, maybe they will shed some light on the whole thing.

3. I would have never expected this from Ardeshir Zahedi, the Shah's last Ambassador to the U.S. and a hard-core Monarchist: Zahedi recognizes that sanctions against Iran would only hurt the populace and that any change must come from within Iran; perhaps most surprisingly, Zahedi defends Iran's right to nuclear technology no matter who is ruling the country. You can watch Zahedi expressing these views on Voice of America's Persian language program here, the relevant statements are made after about minute 36.