Tuesday, October 17, 2006

1. It looks like Iranian cinema is making a comeback. Despite the release of a handful of good films, the last few years of Iranian cinema have been somewhat lackluster. News that Asghar Farhadi's Chaharshanbe-Soori had won best film at the Chicago Film Festival and that several other Iranian films had won prizes at an Italian religiously themed festival, has me excited about checking out some of these works.

Not that international festivals are always trustworthy, often they are governed by an orientalist logic that is really annoying. Nonetheless, lots of great films are distributed via the festival circuit that might otherwise not have exposure, so i have to give them credit for that.

2. I saw on Iranian.com that Iran is banning smoking in public spaces, which is really great news. I wish they would ban cigarettes all together.

3. Iran and Iraq have set up a panel to facilitate the sharing of intelligence. News like this makes me think that the rumours of an America-backed coup d'etat in Iraq might just turn out to be the October surprise of this election season.

4. Former Attorney General Ashcrof is a sculptor. His medium? Barbed Wire (how appropriate, Mr. Guantanamo).

Check out the interview:

Q: Why barbed wire?
A: Because there was a surplus of it on my farm.

5. I am procrastinating from writing an article that is really boring me, I guess I should get back to work.