Friday, October 13, 2006

1. Can someone with knowlege of Franco-Turkic relations offer some insight on France passing a bill that penalizes the denial of the ottoman genocide of Armenians? Everybody knows that the U.S., for example, has long colluded in the holocaust denial because it does not want to harm its relations with Turkey, whose bases are very valuable for U.S. adventures in the region. But before clapping our hands for France, I think we should figure out the politics behind its sudden decision to pass this bill because it seems to me that it is motivated more by an anti-Turk sentiment than it is by a desire to redress the wrongs suffered by armenians.

2. The quote of the week comes from As'ad Abu Khalil. In response to Straw's demand and Salman Rushdie's approval that Muslim women uveil before having the dubious privelege of speaking to Straw, Abu Khalil offers this:

"Jack Straw and Salman Rushdie have decided to tell Muslim women how to dress. OK. I will tell Straw and Rushdie what to wear too. I want both of them to now appear in moo moo dresses."

Rushdie and Straw in Moo Moo dresses! Man, i sure hope someone photoshops that.

3. I haven't read this story in its entirety, but the concept it interesting. The author is an Afghan, I believe, and the narrator of the story is Marco, the dog pictured in many of the Abu Ghreib torture photos. Unfortunately, the story is only available in Persian, but I'll post a link to an English version if I find one.