Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Fakhravar Answers his Critics: They are all Jealous of Me

Neo-Con poster boy amir-abbas fakhravar has sunk to a new low, and since I have previously announced this blog to be an ad-hoc Fakhravar watch, I see no other choice but to report on it. For those who can read persian, you can check everything I will speak about on his newly inaugurated blog

As Fakhravar comfortably hangs out somewhere in the DC area trying out new hairstyles and dreaming up lies to feed the unsuspecting U.S. media, two Iranian activists suffer in prison: the elderly lawyer Nasser Zerrafshan and the recently re-arrested Ahmad Batebi.

Following Fakhravar's shameful self-promotional activities with the U.S. neo-cons after his "escape" from Iran, both Zerafshan and Batebi made public statements condemning Fakhravar and denying their support for his claims about Iran and Iranian activists. Batebi's statement can still be found on his site here, and Zerafshan's letter has been posted on a number of sites including this one.

Fakhravar's responses to Zerafshan and Batebi's condemnations would be quite hilarious, if it were not for the fact that they are utterly disgusting.

Are you ready for his explanations? here we go:

A) In addressing Zerafshan, Fakhravar resorts to referring to the respected activist as "the old man" and claims that the only reason Zerafshan has spoken out against Fakhravar's charlatan tactics is because of jealousy. Yes, folks, jealousy! According to Fakhravar, Zerafshan was so enraged that Fakhravar and not him had been granted a PEN literary award that he wrote up the said letter as an act of revenge. Go ahead and read Fakhravar's post if you don't believe me.

B) Fakhravar's response to Batebi's letter is even better, and by better I mean worse. Since his statement on the matter was made in the comments section of his blog and I can't link to it directly, I am copying and pasting the entire comment further below. You can always go to the comments section and find it for yourself.

In the case of Batebi, Fakhravar does not blame jealousy, at least not Batebi's jealousy. He accuses Batebi's wife of fabricating the statement and attempting to cause a rift between Batebi and himself!

Here is the accusation, in Fakhravar's own words:

آقای بهزاد مهرانی
نامه ای که با نام احمد باطبی نوشته شده، در واقع توسط سمیه بینات نوشته شده است. قبل از دستگیری احمد، خیلی مفصل با هم صحبت کرده بودیم و قبول کرده بود که این یک اشتباه و سوÂ’ تفاهم بزرگ بوده است. در این مورد آقای ایرج جمشیدی و خانم غزل امید که شرح مکالمهÂ’ من و دوست قدیمی ام احمد باطبی را شنیده اند، میتوانند بهترین شهود باشند (خانم غزل امید از کانادا چند روز قبل از دستگیری احمد، conference call تلفنی بین من از واشنگتن و احمد از تهران را ترتیب داده بود و خودشون به مدت پنج ساعت شاهد گفتگوی من و احمد دربارهء این نامه بودند.)
اگر دوستانی و خود سمیه بینات صلاح میدانند من در مورد علت رفتار زشت سمیه خانم و دلیلی که ایشان تلاش کرد بین من و احمد فاصله بیاندازد و اسراری که سعی دارد به این شکل پنهان کند، در یک نامهء سرگشاده صحبت کنم. منتظر جواب شخص سمیه بینات خواهم بود

So while Batebi, who Fakhravar claims is a close friend, is in dire condition in jail and his poor wife Somaye Bayanat is knocking on every door to secure justice for her husband, Mr. Fakhravar decides to attack Somaye and accuse her of deceptive behavior.

what a prince!

Mr. Fakhravar, we are watching you. And we wont let you or your sponsors manipulate the struggles of Iranians working for social justice to further your own ends.