Wednesday, September 27, 2006

1. Maybe because I spend so much time monitoring the activities of people whose mentality seems eternally lodged in the 1970s, i've become stuck on one particular iranian 70s star: Marjan. I think she rules, in a 70s kind of way, of course. So have a listen and enjoy, but be careful it is addictive.

2. Speaking of the 70s, I recently had the chance to watch a bunch of episodes from the American series Good Times and I was shocked at how it critically took up so many important social and political issues. Set in the notorious Chicago Cabrini Green projects, the episodes I saw managed to be funny and directly critique racialized poverty, inflation and oil politics, and the rise of the surveillance society. Can you imagine a show today doing that?

3. On a final pop-culture note, let me fast forward to the present. I'm not a huge fan of Carlos Mencia's humor because although I know the trends in this type of comedy circuit are about pushing the envelope and crossing taboo lines, I still can't stomach some of the things he makes fun of. Having laid out this disclaimer, I will link to his video Dee Dee Dee. I can't help it, these days I see, read, and hear so many things that have me going around singing to myself "dee dee dee". Watch the video and see what I mean.