Thursday, September 21, 2006

1. Chavez calling Bush the devil is not so remarkable, since he is prone to loony tirades against bush, what surprised me is the clapping and cheers that came from the floor of the general assembly in response to Chavez's comments.

2. To the person with the IP from York University in Toronto who has been leaving comments for me: thank you so much. I love to see these reactions from you; they cool my heart, as we say in persian, and remind me why I should make sure to blog as much as I can.

3. This boy likes to talk tough on behalf of an international community (which is neither international nor a community), but a recent poll of 25 nations found that the majority favor only a diplomatic route in response to the manufactured iran nuclear "crisis". I think this survey and the article that covers it are flawed in many ways, it is noteworthy that even when pollsters try their best to frame things in a way to get a certain
result, there is no world mandate for aggression against Iran.