Tuesday, September 19, 2006

1. Quote of the day comes from a U.S. Republican Senator: "Ahmadinejad -- I call him Ahmad-in-a-head -- I think he's a Hitler type of person". Ahmad-in-a-head? What does that mean? Are we supposed to find the senator clever for making school-yard jabs making fun of someone's name? You would think that a guy with a name like Voinovich would be a bit more sensitive about the issue.

2. In other unseemly public behavior from a senator, Rick Santorum of "spreading santorum" fame, threw a mini-fit because he is not pleased with the press-coverage he is getting in his bid for re-election. In addition to the regressive domestic policies he supports, Santorum is one of the key figures in U.S congress who consistently favors radical and unrepresentative voices in the Iranian diaspora and throws obstacles in the path of those with a sincere desire to bring about solutions to conflicts concerning Iran and the rest of West Asia. It is very satisfying to see him have to sweat it out and face a tough fight.

3. The war profiteers Halliburton KBR want to be granted immunity like that which is granted to the U.S. occupation forces in Iraq. This audacious demand comes in response to a lawsuit filed by the families of civilian contractors alleging that "Halliburton Co. sent civilian drivers into combat zones to protect its military supply contract". Imagine that, Cheney's Halliburton KBR showing blatant disregard for human lives in order to turn over a profit. I doubt the suing families will have much success against Halliburton, but let's hope it draws some attention to their despicable practices.