Monday, September 18, 2006

1. Read this sentence in the voice of stan from south park: I learned something today!

I learned that the Council on Foreign Relations is an "American Leftist Group".

Who knew?

Well these damn lefties have raised the ire of the lunatic fringe of the right wing because they are hosting a meeting with Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejhad, and really, they've got a point this time. I mean why initiate dialogue with an elected current head of state when you could take the word of the unemployed son of an unelected head of state who has not even visited Iran in the last three decades?

2. The headlines in a bunch of U.S. papers claim "pope apologizes to Muslims" when in fact he said he was sorry for the reaction his speech caused. There is a huge difference between apologizing for his incendiary words and feeling sorry that Muslims reacted with anger, and I wish the U.S. press would be honest enough to reflect that distinction instead of deceiving us with cheap tricks.

3. So the first woman tourist in space is an Iranian and a Muslim. Like oh my gawd i didnt know them mooslims let their women out of the house, much less out of the atmosphere!