Sunday, August 06, 2006

Students and Young Women

"Right now, unfortunately for the Iranian nation, with the exception of Reza Pahlavi, who has been a figure head for the Monarchist(sic), Mr. Fakhravar, a political activist and secretary general of the in dependent (sic) student movement, who has the support of students and young women both inside and outside Iran and the US government, there has been very little positive movement toward the prosperity of Iran from any other so-called opposition"

"Students and young women"?

First, the construction of the paragraph is unclear. Who has the support, Fakhravar or Pahlavi? I mean it doesn't make much difference since either way the statement is false.

But what i am more interested in is the phrase itself. Students and young women? Why does the author treat these two categories as though they are somehow mutually exclusive? She should be made aware that the majority of students both in Iranian high schools and college campuses are women

Anyway, the author--whose proclivity for pathological lying seems to match that of fakhravar--is calling in her article for an end to in-fighting among the Iranian opposition. I take it that she may be responding to the latest well-known political prisoner to release a statement condemning Fakhravar and exposing him as a liar.

Ever notice that the calls of unity in opposition only seem to come from those whose past and whose claims cannot stand up to any degree of scrutiny?

Positive change in Iran will not come about as a result of foreign intervention. Like their Iraqi counterparts, the Iranian "leaders" who march in and out of U.S. congressional halls to deliver false testimonies do not bode well either for Iran or for the U.S. Therefore, far from refraining from exposing the liars, we have a duty to do so. I think the only responsible position to take is to support on-the-ground activists in Iran while keeping a check on the manipulations of diasporic actors who are constantly trying to exploit them.

Anyway, when Mr. Fakhravar reared his head in Washington DC, he was telling reporters that he intended to return to Iran to continue his activism. (he repeated his claims here)

Unless he wants to disappoint the "Students and young women", perhaps mr. Fakhravar should consider making good on his promise.