Saturday, August 12, 2006

I Blame Kant

At one key moment during Ganji's talk last night, when he was introducing some philosophical components into the 20 page paper he was reading, I had an epipheny about all that is wrong with the world. I turned to my friends and said "I blame Kant!".

I then told them that I wanted to make a shirt that had this statement as its logo.

So, ladies and gentlemen, I've designed official "I Blame Kant" t-shirts, which you can find here.

if you too:

1. Have ever taken a philosophy class at an American or British university, or

2. have ever been frustrated with the phoney internationalism of the UN, or

3. were ever forced to read the work of John Rawls, or

4. have ever gotten in a discussion with the classic Kantian "reasonable man", the one who is self-righteous and moralizing, yet hides behind a cool curtain of "rationality", or

5. have ever been disgusted at the slaughter and genocide that continues to be carried out in the name of "enlightened" thinking

then I am sure that you would at least partially agree with me in blaming Kant.

Has anything good come out of Kant? yes. Hegel.

Anyway, if blaming Kant doesn't float your boat, stay tuned for the "Kant is Creepy" series.