Tuesday, August 01, 2006

How to Know When A Ceasfire has Been Violated

This afternoon on The News Hour With Jim Lehrer, Condoleeza Rice gave the following rational for why the U.S. is against a ceasefire between Israel and Lebanon:

"If you have an unconditional ceasefire, how do you know if someone has violated it"


Can someone please unpack this for me? I'm asking this question in all seriousness. What does this sentence mean?


PS- How peeved do you think Rice was that one day after the Lebanese government told her that she is not welcome in Lebanon, they received the Iranian foreign minister? How emabarassing for her that Mottaki seems to be getting quite a warm reception. Look at this picture of Lebanese President Lahud with Motakki:

This photo was taken from here,
more chummy pictures of Motakki and Lebanese dignitaries can be found here, and here.