Thursday, August 03, 2006

"An Honest Broker and Two Ayatollahs"

Today's gem from News Hour with Jim Lehrer comes from Senator John Warner, who must have said the words "honest broker" in relation to the U.S. role in the Middle East about two dozen times.

But his misunderstanding of the term "honest broker" is not the gem, since there are many factually challeneged individuals who harbour this same delusion about the U.S.

No, the best part is that when he wanted to refer to Ayatollah Sistani's recent anti-Israel and anti-US remarks, he called him Ayatollah Khomeini (or, "homeini" as he pronounced it)!

I mean you can't blame John Warner, even the "best" of them are bound to make such mistakes.

Iran/Iraq, Sistani/Khomeini, deceased/alive, what's the difference to these people anyway? (But Condi Rice, to her credit, does seem to have that Iran/Iraq distinction down pretty well)