Friday, August 04, 2006

1. A handful (ok, more like 2) Iranian Zionist bloggers are at spreading two theories on the Israeli massacre of Qana II: First they are repeating the official Israeli propaganda that Hezbollah was using those women and children as human shields, hence causing their massacre; and two, there was no massacre and the whole thing was a hoax!

So which is it? Did

A) the massacre happen and it was hezbollah's fault


B) did the massacre get staged and it was hezbollah's fault?

Usually, propagandists are smart enough to focus on one of these ready-made responses to Israeli massacres, but I guess this time the crimes were so big that they've gotten all mixed up.

2. U.S. Sponsored Radio Farda has prepared a special audio report to address the latest war. The focus is on the impact of the war on Lebanese singers. I wish I was kidding.

3. Sharif University is one of Iran's best universities, and their graduates practically dominate the engineering and physics departments of top 10 U.S. univeristies. In order to attend an upcoming international reunion scheduled to take place in the Bay Area, Sharif graduates from around the world obtained U.S. visas but were unceremoniously detained in U.S. airports and sent along their not-so-merry way (thanks mehdi for the news link).

Yet another great signal from the current adminstration that they are with the Iranian people.

4. With "80 per cent of all Christians and Druze, 89 per cent of all Sunnis and 96 per cent of all Shias declaring their support" for Hezbollah's resistance to Israeli aggression, we've all seen the tragic fate of the "Cedar Revolution". And today came the end of the "Orange Revolution" with an annoucement that Viktor Yanukovych is now back in the realm of power.

I guess Gil Scott-Heron was wrong when he claimed that "The Revolution Will not be Televised", what he should have said is that "The televised Revolution Will not Last".