Saturday, July 15, 2006

Yesterday, two Iran-based bloggers who write in Persian, Amin and Bahman raised questions regarding the lack of commentary in the Iranian blogosphere on the situation in Lebanon. Amin pointed out that this seemed to be as much true for the handful of Iranian Zionist bloggers as it is for the self-proclaimed martyr-seeking ones. In other words, extremists on both sides have been just as quiet as the rest of us.

I know for my part the silence has been due to shock and dismay.

And what can one say anyway?

I can't figure out why Hezbollah threw themselves into the fight, most of the explanations being bandied about make no sense. Here are two examples of what I have heard:

1)Iran told them to do it because they want attention deflected away from themselves in UN security council

Now this is just another absurd attempt to carve excuses for attacking Iran. The western press was gearing up to sell us stories about how the two kidnapped soldiers were being taken to Iran, and then Israel went and bombed the Lebanese airport and the major roads leading out of the country. So unless the Iranians have some kind of Star Trek transport technology, the two kidnapped soldiers are no where near Iran.

2)Syria-based Hamas told them to do it because Palestine-based Hamas was close to cutting a deal with Israel

I heard this idea from two Israelis on the first day of the attacks, and well, I find it extremely dubious. If Israel itself was interested in a deal, it would have made one when the Hamas leadership in Palestine was making historic statements that implicitly recognized the state of Israel. Instead it pushed and pushed into Gaza as the world watched, using every excuse it could to further undermine the democratically elected Hamas.

Whatever motivated Hezbollah to make a move (the most generous explanation is that they were trying to take some pressure off of a besieged and bleeding Gaza), Israel is happy to grab the chance to destroy the only force in the Middle East that has ever succeeded in forcing them to retreat from territory they illegally occupied.

Why is Israel, in the name of eradicating Hezbollah, indiscriminately killing Lebanese civilians and destroying the Lebanese infrastructure? Because they can.

Will the U.N speak out? They may make futile attempts, but the U.S. will veto them, like they did the resolution last week that condemned the "disproportionate" use of force by the Israelis. Out of the last 9 vetos in the UN, 8 were cast by the U.S., and 7 of those pertained to the state of Israel.

Will the U.S. press speak out? Sure, they'll tell you all about the kidnapped Israeli soldiers and the burning Israeli warship, but will they show you these pictures, will they interview the family of these dead children? Will they tell you how the Lebanon that still bore the physical and emotional scars of a civil war has been blasted back to the devastation of those horrible years?

The "free press" and the "free world" will not intervene, even if they are the only ones who have the resources to do so. Who does that leave? Well, us lowly bloggers, for one. I just hope we can do our very small part in trying to give attention to all that is being ignored in Israel's latest assault on yet another of its neighbors.