Sunday, July 16, 2006

More horrifying pictures of Lebanese victims of Israel that you wont see on World News Tonight.

yesterday, NBC news stated, in passing, the number of Lebanese killed by Israeli bombs, but didn't show a single victim, didn't speak to any family members of dead children, didn't reflect the frightened faces of a nation under siege.

Whose faces did they show in Lebanon? American students who were in Beirut to study at the AUB for the summer. One of them wondered out loud why she hadn't been whisked out of the danger zone yet: "I was like, where are the marines?"

And then the "balanced" report went to Israel, where we did see the faces of Israeli citizens and victims. They had their chance to speak. And they interviewed Palestinian citizens of Israel as well, one dude was walking in the street saying something about missiles not distinguishing between ethnicities and the others were having a wedding.

So the only actual Arabs NBC bothers to interview are the ones living in Israel but not the ones being bombed by Israel, and they are used to make the following points:

1) Israel doesn't target Palestinians, but Hezbollah's missiles do, and

2) Palestinians in Israel don't give a damn about the bombings in Lebanon because look, they are having a wedding party, and

3) Do you see how good life is for Palestinian citizens of Israel, they have a better life here than they do in lands where their brothers rule. If it weren't for that pesky Hezbollah trying to kill them, life would just be peaches and cream!

Naturally, I wanted to send a letter to NBC news, but try as I did, I couldn't find the "contact us" information for them. If anyone knows what it is, please pass it along.