Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Bravo Batebi!

Ahmad Batebi, who is still in Iran fighting for the freedom of political prisoners and who has not sold himself to anyone, has written a brief response to Amir Abbas Fakhravar in which he denies association with him and rejects the various claims to leadership that Fakhravar has been making.

Batebi is at the very moment engaged in courageously pursuing the cases of numerous activists in Iran, and he is doing so at great risk to himself and his loved ones. Even though his famous image has been exploited and displayed by a range of people who wish to use him for their own political gain, Batebi has to my knowledge remained independent and has refused to become anyone's parrot.

I am in hurry now, but I will write more on this later and translate the letter if I have time. For now, I just want to remind everyone that we still have our independent activists who will pursue change in Iran with dignity and without payment from foreign powers.