Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Are You Sick of Reading My Letters?

Well, frankly, so am I.

And I am sick of writing them too.

But I feel compelled to follow and respond to the garbage that passes for journalism in this part of the world.

So here is my second letter of the day. It makes me feel better to post it here where at least some people may read it, because I'm pretty sure the people at NBC news will just ignore it.

Dear NBC Nightly News-

During your broadcast this evening, your reporter provided a precise count of the number of rockets fired into Israel. You also followed the anguish of several Israelis, include the harrowing scene of an Israeli woman desperately calling for her husband, who lay dead nearby. It was a very sad and horrible scene.

But what about the Lebanese victims? What about the wives, mothers, brothers, fathers who cry for their dead loved ones? What about the number of missiles fired onto Lebanese civilians? Contrary to your report, Israel has not simply been hitting "guerrilla targets". There have been scores of civilian victims of Israeli bombings, many of them children. I wish your journalists were brave and honest enough to interview grieving Lebanese families. Speaking to a Lebanese business man with a damaged shop and a handful of American-Lebanese with family members stranded in Lebanon does not constitute a fair or balanced report of the "other side".

The fact that you prepare your reports from a seat in an American helicopter alongside the Israeli military shows not only your literal vantage point, but your political and ideological one as well.