Monday, July 31, 2006

1. Israel calls a 48 hour ceasfire, and then, merely hours later, they attack eastern lebanon.

Did anyone expect otherwise? I didn't. I wish I had bet on it publicly, my guess was that they would break the ceasefire in less than 12 hours, but it doesn't look like they could restrain themselves for even that long.

2. I just read the very sad report that political prisoner Akbar Mohammadi passed away today. The young man's heart gave out; He was day nine of a dry hunger strike which was being carried out in protest of his detention.

When I first heard this news a couple of hours ago, it was as yet unconfirmed, and I was hoping that it was a false rumour. But the horrible news seems to be true, and I am shocked not only at his death but also at not having known earlier that he had been re-detained and was carrying out a hunger strike.

3. This morning, the family of Ahmad Batebi will begin a hunger strike in front of the UN building in Iran. Prior to his latest arrest, Batebi had indicated that he would begin an immediate hunger strike if he were re-detained. His family's gathering in front of the UN building is aimed to show solidarity with him and to bring attention to his plight.

In light of the saddening news of Mohammadi's death, Batebi's siutation has taken on more urgency than it did yesterday when I first wrote about his disappearance. But like the last time I wrote about it, I still don't know what can be done, especially given all assholes who will set out to exploit the suffering and struggles of Iranian political activists.