Wednesday, July 12, 2006

1. Yesterday I caught the last 15 minutes of a documentary by film-maker Anders O˜stergaard about the magic of TinTin and his creator Herge. I was so bummed that I had missed most of the film that I couldn't pay proper attention to the parts that remained. Turns out Herge really wanted to be an abstract painter and that after he had fought his personal demons (and left his wife, as he said), he "found happiness in idleness" and didn't much feel like cartooning anymore.

2. I also recently had the chance to finally see Kiarostami's Close-up, which is a docu-fiction re-enacting the true story of a working class and poor ordinary joe (or oridinary Hossein, in this case)who passes himself off to a gullible family as the famed Iranian director Mohsen Makhmalbaf and then ends up being taken to court when the family wisens up to him. All the people involved play themselves in the movie, and the imposter-Makhmalbaf, a guy named Hossein Sabzian, is a compelling and likeable character.

Sadly, Hossein Sabzian died six months ago at only 52 years of age, and except for two films by the opportunistic, unethical, and very bad film-maker Muslim Mansouri, Sabzian never got to live his dream of becoming an actor.

I have to also mention that my new favorite director, Werner Herzog, called Kiarostami's Close-Up "the greatest documentary on filmmaking I have ever seen".

3. Materazzi seems to have redefined what it means to be a "cultured person". In denying that he called the great Zinadene Zidane a terrorist, Materazzi said: "I did not call him a terrorist. I am not a cultured person and I don't even know what an Islamist terrorist is."

In the same article, Materazzi denies that he insulted Zidane's mother (the rumours were that he called him "a son of a terrorist whore") and insisted on the sacredness of mothers or some such thing. I think his statement on mothers is another piece of evidence in support of our friend siavash's theory that the main reason Italian players tend to only play for Italian leagues is because they are mama's boys who have to stay close to home!