Thursday, June 29, 2006

1. First they steal the relics of ancient Iran, now they want to sell them off to the highest bidding looter to compensate the victims of terrorism! This is so appalling on so many levels which I cannot get into at this point, but this should infuriate even the most right-wing nutso Iranians who at the very least shoud act to prevent the continuing theft of their "Aryan Heritage".

2. Richard Perle thinks that the Bush administration is too soft on iran. Guess which self-proclaimed "Iranian dissident student leader" he cited in pushing through his assertions?

3. Amir Taheri, who got caught red-handed last month making up a lie about Iran requiring religious minorities to wear distinctive clothing, apparently has a long history of fabricating stories. Larry Cohler-Esses outlines the most brazen of his lies, which include an entire book that scholar Shaul Bakhash ripped apart back in 1989. Taheri also claimed that Iran's ambassador to the U.N. was part of the take-over of the U.S. embassy in Iran, when in fact Javad Zarif was at the time a student at San Francisco State University.

Why does this man still get his crap published? It's due in no small part to Benador Associates, who lists not only Taheri but also chief warmonger richard perle.