Sunday, June 25, 2006

1. Despite the fact that chalabi's Iraqi National Congress spoonfed the American administration a bunch of lies, Laura Rozen of the Washington Post seems to lament the fact that there is "no iranian equivalent to the Iraqi national congress". In this piece published in Yesterday's Post she includes a list of d.c. area "dissidents" who are lobbying the U.S. congress for regime change in Iran. I don't know why Trita Parsi is on this list, he seems to be a relatively decent and dedicated activist. But the rest of the people named in the article are a bunch of crooks and liars. Just have a look and see for yourself.

2. I have world cup fever, yes its true. Mexico v. Argentina was a tough one, I was supporting both sides, but in the end I wish Mexico had won. Portugal v. Netherlands was an embarassment. I knew from the Iran v. Portugal match that the portuguese were a bit thuggish on the field, but today both netherlands and portugal played like jerks. i lost count of the red and yellow cards issued for both sides, but given all the shoving and kicking they were well deserved. Anyway, portugal was clearly the better team, and I hope they beat the English.

3. Pamela Pekerman loves handbags, these fellows think that "Pamela Perkman is Wrong as Hell!". For some reason, I think the whole thing is really hilarious.