Tuesday, June 13, 2006

1. Sima has put it aptly when she titled the outcome of today's demonstrations in tehran as "Protestor: Woman oppressor: Woman". You can just glance at these pictures to see what she means.

2. It seems that none of the places where i have lived and with which I have some sense of belonging have much luck with soccer teams. The U.S. team's embarrassing 3-0 loss to the Czech Republic made Iran's 3-1 loss to Mexico look like a victory. Oh well, I guess it is to be expected when you always root for the underdog.

3. For weeks and weeks I've been drumming the heads of my students with warnings against speaking in broad generalizations about U.S culture and society. I've tried to make it clear that it is not acceptable to say things like "American society is such and such" or "American people are such and such" because there are many kinds of americans and many americas. So instead of elaborating and clarifying statements about "american society" or "american identity", one of my students has come up with the ingenious solution of just putting quotation marks around the word "American" wherever it appears! In other words, he makes the same generalizations, but now instead of saying: "Americans are a conservative people", he says: " "Americans" are a conservative people".