Tuesday, June 06, 2006

1. I got an email today about this interesting project called Enough Fear. Their site is bilingual in Persian and English and reflects the cooperation of Iranians and Americans saying No to War. They are collecting photographs of individuals making the gesture for "Stop" as a way of saying "no" to fear-mongering, propaganda, and the march to war.

2. I've mentioned before that the search term "Fereydoun Foroughi" brings consistent readers to this site. So as not to disappoint those readers when they arrive here, i'm providing a link to the Wikpedia Persian page on Foroughi, and here is a song and lyrics too:

Qariyeh (Village):

رویاهای من قریه ایست قدیمی
تو مشتی سایه اما صمیمی
قریه من به جای فولاد
چشمه رو می پرستید چشمه رو می پرستید
قریه من خوب و صمیمی
دلچسب و زیبا شعری قدیمی
اما دستی زرد آمد ز دوزخ
آتش زد بر این قریه من
با مشتی فولاد چشمه رو دزدید
بردش به سایه دادش به خورشید
قریه من رویای من بود
اون چشمه خوب دنیای من بود

3. I'm sorry that I don't have time to translate the above lyrics, but those of you who can read Persian will obviously get the connection between the song's lament about the destruction of a beloved village by a "hand from Hell" and the following: Christian Peacemaker Teams photo documentation of Israeli occupation forces demolishing the homes of Palestinians; photos 9 through 11 have close-up shots, and they show children standing near the rubble of what used to be their toilet.