Saturday, June 03, 2006

1. one of my favorite bloggers, who unfortunately closed her persian blog but who ocassionally writes on her english one, noted in an email some days ago that English language Iranian blogs seem to have fallen victim to a readership of neo-con types, who just stop by to harass the bloggers.

My experience has reflected this to be the case as well, though I admit to taking great pleasure in knowing how consistently I infuriate the reactionaries.

On the other hand, it can get tiresome, knowing that no matter how much you try to explain and put things in context, there are a certain (large) group of people who simply will not listen.

2. Therefore, one day soon, I may just give up on the whole thing and devote my free time to learning the guitar and singing the songs of woodie guthrie and Farhad.

Towards this goal, this great site containing lyrics and links to farhad's music is a good start. At least I can begin memorizing the words to his songs.

As for woodie guthrie, well naturally i will start with "This land is my land" and dedicate it to the impotent plans of those who want to "sue" the U.S. government officials who approvingly stamped passports like mine.

3. I can't stop thinking about Werner Herzog's grizzly man, which covers the story of bear activist timothy treadwell, who spent 13 summers among the animals and was ultimately killed by them. I was transfixed as much by the footage of the bears as I was by the looney behavior of Treadwell. And there is one sort of creepy scene, where they are interviewing his parents, and his mom sits there, wearing bright blue eye-shadow, clutching a teddybear.

Raed's take on that interview was that the parents seemed somewhat detached, which raed took as yet another indication of how disconnected treadwell was from what he saw as the "human world". At first I disagreed, claiming that the mother at least, seemed to betray some emotion.

me: "but the poor mom looked tense and upset, dont you remember how she was picking at that teddy bear?"

raed: "yea she looked upset, but not a-bear-ate-my-son-upset".

Nope, I had to agree, she definitely didn't look a-bear-ate-my-son upset.

I think this should be a new category: upset and a-bear-ate-my-son upset.