Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Show Your Face

Though I can't speak German and so cannot read the specifics of their mission statement, I am still fond of Gesicht Zeigen.

Gesicht Zeigen, which means "Show Your Face", is an anti-racist group run by Uwe-Karsten Heye, who was the chief spokesman for Gerhard Shroeder's government. Heye raised alarm bells last week, when he warned World Cup visitors to avoid certain parts of Germany where they may be targets of racist acts.

I am sure I will blog more about such racial tensions and the World Cup in general as the games start, but for now I wanted to say that I'll be taking up the "show your face" mantra, and the sentiment that I presume is behind it.

Here is what I ask of those who use the Net to leave racist comments, circulate rumours, and call anyone who challenges false propaganda an "agent for the regime":

Show Your Face!

If you are so proud of your racist beliefs, then why hide behind anonynomous comments? And if you are so sure that certain individuals are agents for a foreign government, then why don't you leave your full name and full contact information?

I am sure that the FBI and CIA would very much like to speak to you, as would the lawyers of those whom are routinely accused.

Well, Do ya feel lucky, punk? If so go ahead, make my day. And don't forget to leave your full contact information.