Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Self-Appointed Leaders and the Warmongers who Believe Them

In the spring of 2003, when I first began research into what has turned into an essay i am now completing on the topic of the iranian student movement and the dangers presented by net-engendered modes of long-distance nationalism, i immediately identified one person as a dangerous charlaton and as a perfect case study of the terrible consequences that can arise when the unaccountability of the diaspora meets the unaccountability of the internet. this person, amir abbas fakhravar, is someone for whom I have expressed contempt in previous posts.

When Fakhravar was not busy posing for dramatic photos of himself or playing the star role in the documentaries of naive "investigative" journalists, Fakhravar would give extensive interviews to noted right-wing publications in which he advocated the use of military force against Iran.

I quote for you some selections from his interview with National Review On-line:

NRO: One argument we hear in the West against confronting Iran, whether through sanctions or through military action, is that doing so will make the regime more popular with the Iranian people and that it will actually strengthen the regime.

Fakhravar: Please don't ever say that the people of Iran are going to have resentment or anger in their hearts toward America or Western countries for doing this.

and how about this:

NRO: What do Iranians think of George W. Bush?

Fakhravar: The people of Iran, especially the youth, are so admiring of Bush and his administration for siding with the people of Iran rather than the government of Iran. No other leader of any government, even the Europeans, took this stand. All the youngsters support him and love him, and we want to express our deepest gratitude for him and his administration and what they are doing to liberate us

Did you get that folks? The people of Iran love george bush and want him to destroy their country? sound familiar?

oh, and hey i have a question: how does a guy who says he has spent so much of his time in the Iranian prisons manage to get so much open press coverage under the nose of the people who supposedly have been watching him day and night?

But who cares about any inconsistencies when you claim to speak for the youth of iran and support the neo-conservative agenda? As long as you say that the Iranians will welcome an attack on their homeland with cheers, then richard perl himself will come to meet you and arrange for you to speak in washington, dc.

Mark my words, if you thought Afshari and Atri's appearance before Rick Santorum's gang was shameful, wait until you see fakhravar deliver his performance.