Friday, May 12, 2006

1. There is someone named Mani Turkzadeh who is flooding google video with Monarchist clips starring either "king" reza Pahlavi or his father, the deposed dicator Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. Just put in "iran" as your search term and you'll see gems like this and this . the poor guy has like zero talent, and the quality of his "productions" is on the same level los angeles Iranian satellite shows. and like the satellite shows, there is something sadly hilarious about these video clips, so you may want to have a look if for no other reason than a sense of entertainment. In addition to these king-worshipping clips whose soundtracks remind us, among other things, that "the king is the shadow of god on earth", he has a whole bunch of other videos exalting the Iranians 7000 thousand years of Aryan civilisation and Aryan purity and this type of thing, which also usually feature the appearance of at least one of the Pahlavi kings and/or the unemployed Pahlavi.

2. Speaking of snakes, summi and i were forced to take a detour during our otherwise very pleasant walk because i spotted one slithering by on our path. i decided not to let my fear of snakes dissuade me from taking a walk today, but another one tumbled on to the sidewalk before i had even been walking for 3 minutes. needless to say, i turned around and nearly ran home. and so, instead of enjoying the beautiful weather and getting some excercise, I am using my break for blogging.

3. I dont why, but ever since I learned about the existence of the Encyclopedia Iranica, I always had a sense of unease about it. I may be wrong on this, but it seems to be based on and to ecourage oritentalist sensabiities. then again, maybe i am overly sensitive and need to take a closer look at the whole enterprise and its productions. What I do know, however, is that they are having fundraising event tomorrow in San Francisco. It is strictly black-tie, tickets are $500 minimum, and Shohreh Aghdashloo and Houshang Tozie are the guests of honour, so I mean, this doesn't help much by way of changing my attitude towards them as an institution. But anyway, i am keeping an open mind if anyone has information to sway me.